Figure 27 shows an example of the AmpDim programming interface. The individual dimming features and their programming are described below. For details please check the corresponding Philips LED light engine datasheet. A motion sensor can be associated with one or more luminaires which, when activated by passing cars, can signal the driver to override the dim cycle and go to full light output. With multiple choices for output current, module temperature control settings and a DALI interface, this is a truly future-proof solution.

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This new second generation of the luminaire builds on the strengths of. However, to get the. Reliability experts often describe the reliability of a population of electronic products using a graphical representation known as the Bathtub Curve Figure It also includes all the. Based on the type of LEDs used, heat sinking and driver current, it is possible to estimate the depreciation of light output for specific LEDs and this information can be entered into the driver. To maintain good EMC performance at the luminaire level, the input, output and control wires should be kept as far apart as possible.

Addition of ferrite beads in series with the wires, or coupling the wires through ferrite cores within the luminaire may improve the overall EMC performance. Capacitor failures can More information. The driver does not have a real time clock. Until now electronic ballasts were not able to replicate this function.


The lowest possible dim level is defined by the higher of the two values: The Power Calculator More information. There are two different Rset conversion curves: Load and 70 C Case Long-lasting More information.

Reliable Xtreme technology for demanding LED applications.

Philips Xitanium 929000702202 Programmable Dimmable Outdoor LED Driver VGC

Input Power W Inrush. Xiitanium is an electronic voltage monitoring relay that provides reliable monitoring of voltages as well as detection of More information.

Multi-Protocol decoder 76 with Load regulation Multi-Protocol decoder 76 2 with Load regulation For locomotives with universal motors on digital layouts operating in the DCC and Motorola data format. Thermistor motor protection CM-E Range Thermistor motor protection Thermistor motor protection relays Benefits and advantages Selection table Operating principle and fields of application for thermistor. Less Installation Space and Wiring Required.

The output signal is proportional to measured frequency and is either load independent DC Current or load independent DC Voltage. Documentation Brake module AX Please read this document carefully before installing and commissioning the brake module! Description Features The SX is a bi-directional, single-pole, single-throw, normally open multipurpose solid-state relay. Initial thermal analysis is performed via IR scans at room temperature to identify the hottest components of the driver.


Typical Efficiency 2 Max. Xitanium W V 1.

The most sustainable lighting solution. This represents normal operation, wherein the driver averages the last 3 ON-times and calculates the virtual clock time.

The driver fade-up time at start-up can be programmed prohrammable a value between ms and ms, in increments of 1 ms. Maximum 30W output power Silvertel V1. These calculations also assume a typical operating temperature.

Philips Lighting unveils Xitanium Programmable LED driver – Solid State Lighting Design

A wide output current range makes the driver future proframmable in preparation for LED efficacy upgrades. Via Rset Placing an external resistor min. This manual describes operation for TC More information.

Considering the effects of UPS operation with leading power factor loads Over the past five years, a new generation of data processing and communications equipment has become prevalent in modern data centers.

This manual offers important information and suggestions with respect to installation.