The libraries are very much in flux and this won’t be the final process. A copy of glview demo should now be in your PATH so you can simply run:. Our primary focus is currently the libfreenect software. Now that the project is configured, open libfreenect. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

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Either remove and blacklist the module. Unstable has the latest commits that have not been fully tested yet.

For support requests in the OpenKinect irc channel or in the mailing list, please specify the platform you are using, the version of the software you are trying to build or install, and information about the context etc. OpenKinect is a true “open source” community! If you are looking for a showcase of the project’s features before compiling, you could take a look at this precompiled demo source is available as well which uses libfreenect and opencv.

Maven Repository: ยป openkinect

If you plan on changing libfreenect, writing wrappers, or trying the latest developments you might want to check out the unstable branch. After that, you need to add yourself to the ‘video’ openkniect and log back in.

If it is not the case, add them by:. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. If you want a recent version of libfreenect no matter which version of Openkimect or Ubuntu you use, backports of the latest release of libfreenect for all supported version of Debian and Ubuntu namely Ubuntu Lucid Now openkihect ‘c’ in ccmake to configure it.

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So you should understand from this that your system needs some libraries to run the project demos just like any other piece of software usually does and.

If you are using Ubuntu The OpenKinect community consists of over members contributing their time and code to the Project. Personal tools Create account Log in.

Otherwise it will likely fail, because it cannot find libusb. This introduction will serve to give those openiinect need it a bit of background as to what we’re trying to do here. To be able to access the Kinect you need to add yourself to the video group and change the permission on the created device.

Getting Started

You could also subscribe to the low-traffic announcement-only mailing list. The easiest way to do this is to create a file usr-local-libs. If you want to participate or just watch the progress of the OpenKinect effort, subscribe to the OpenKinect mailing list. Welcome to the OpenKinect project Language: First, you will copy. Don’t worry if it shows you an ‘Empty Cache’ at startup. We are working on free, open source libraries that will enable the Kinect to be used with Windows, Linux, and Mac.


It is best to install at least the prerequisites via a package manager. Report any rough openkimect to marcan marcan.

libfreenect: Package nect

The libusb found by cmake will be correct and already-patched, greatly simplifying the build process! Now that the project is configured, open libfreenect.

Opennkinect you can’t access or still need root privileges to use your device: If you cloned libusb via github you will need to patch it for OpenKinect like so:. Code Integration – How to deal with how we use git: Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

A copy of glview demo should now be in your PATH so you can simply run:. Please use libusb-win32 version 1. Our members have joined this Project with the mission of creating the best possible suite of applications for the Kinect.