And, if you already own one, how can you make the most of it? A more straightforward, easy-to-use editor can be found here. Durability was never it’s number one feature. Click here to login. It does not actually change the parameter in the program of the Chroma. However, this can be fixed by following these steps. That says something about the advances in midi controllers, just sad.

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Probably need a rack full of synths first! The BCR consists of an amazing number of parts. The data provided here is only intended to be one possible configuration – which might be used as a starting point.

Welcome to the Gearslutz Pro Audio Community! When complete, the system will display a program number such as P To have the BCR show the current settings do one of the following: The top bank of encoders can be designed around your more specific needs.

If you were just looking to edit back and forth with the BCR and the Chroma, you might use a configuration as below:.


Bbcr2000 Hands on Deck. Why Uli no reply in here? With the BCR controller this is reality — intuitive control with a real hands-on feel!

BCR2000 Set Up

A lot more in it than I expected! More easily, one of the two commonly available editors can be used to create presets for the BCR.

Like say you have a rack full of knobless modules, can you set it up with each one and sort of page through them on the unit? A password will be e-mailed to you. An update needs first and foremost to adress the problem of not being able to send both positive and negative values from the same knob. Got a used BCR a few years ago, then a new one last year. Bfr2000 you wished to also have bidirectional communications with a computer, and have the knob data available on both the computer and the Chroma, you might use a configuration similar to that below: Can’t imagine they’re discontinuing these.

Hi, you can connect it for sure.

Is it worthy of a spot in your arsenal of gear? Welcome, Login to your account.


Behringer BCR discontinued? – Gearslutz

Remove this ad forever by registering! And is it right for you? The same with the cpu board disassembledpower supply notification.

The answer might surprise you. Designed as a companion controller with the BCF a bank of motorized fadersit quickly caught on with electronic musicians, producers, and DJs. Likes Followers Subscribers Followers.

And a X-touch side-kick. It is free though. We use 5 of these in a live situation, and have been through a few of them. The BCR allows for 32 different Presets to be stored. Second hand prices are now a fair bit higher bxr2000 they were brand new.

Behringer BCR2000

Would be cool if they develop a maybe with similar hackability. Learn how your comment data is processed.

A more straightforward, easy-to-use editor can be found here.